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    Tooth whitening is a direction many people take when they discover their teeth have been discolored due to aging, by medications and chemicals or stained by beverages such as coffee and certain types of wine. Whitening will not correct certain forms of discoloration. Teeth with bonding or certain tooth-colored fillings will not bleach and appear rather unsightly as a result. A dentist may recommend veneers, which cover the entire tooth, instead of whitening in these instances. However, whitening can be an ideal way to restore a healthy appearance to the teeth. teeth-whitening With the latest technology, tooth whitening is now available whereby anyone is able to go beyond stained teeth. Our clinic uses pola, a product of SDI, Australia, for our in-office tooth whitening treatment. Are you tired of hiding your teeth every time you smile? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a big, bright, beautiful smile? Well, teeth whitening isn’t just for the movie stars, and teeth whitening isn’t just for one day. Millions of people have had their teeth bleached, and probably millions more are thinking about it. Teeth Whitening will safely lighten the color of the teeth, reduce discoloration and staining and give you a brighter smile which will last for up to five years. The term “teeth whitening” can refer to a number of techniques to improve the brightness of the patient’s teeth. Among them are chemical whitening, mild acid whitening, abrasive teeth brightening and the newest technique.