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    The neck is a cosmetically sensitive area and any scar can look prominent in the neck. Conventional open thyroid surgery leaves an undesirable scar in front of the neck. Over the years there have been attempts to reduce the neck scar. Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery (MITS) technique reduced the scar size on the neck (2-3cm) which made it little more acceptable. The more technically advanced Laparoscopic (endoscopic) Thyroid Surgery avoids wound in the neck, thus making the surgery scarless. The wounds are small and hidden in areas that are not visible. All types of thyroid surgeries including those for thyroid cancer can be performed by laparoscopic thyroid surgery. Even Laparoscopic (endoscopic) Parathyroid Surgery is performed in the same way as thyroid and has the same advantages. The predominant advantages laparoscopic thyroid surgery would be: COSMETICALLY SUPERIOR as there are no scars in front of the neck, if at all small. Less risk of altered SENSATION over skin of neck after surgery. Less patient discomfort during SWALLOWING. Less restriction in neck MOVEMENT after surgery. Less DISCOMFORT & PAIN around the external wound as the wounds are small Least BLOOD LOSS. Shorter hospital STAY and quicker return to NORMAL LIFE. (less days away from work) Team MACS performs these surgeries without the help of a surgical ROBOT (reducing your cost).