Broad Injectables
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Third Party Pharma Manufacturers
Broad Injectables Factory Address : Plot No. 5152, Industrial Area, Tahliwal , UNA , Himachal Pradesh , ( 174301 ) India
Product Details:
Product Type: Third Party Pharma Manufacturers
Brand Name: Broad Injectables
Packaging Type Blister
Packaging: 60 ml
Composition / Material Type: L-Arginine & Proanthocyanon
Usages: oral use
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Broad Injectables (A unit of BSA Group) is well-known third party contract pharma manufacturers in Una, Himachal Pradesh. We are associated with several budding pharma companies by providing them reliable healthcare products with affordable packages. Broad Injectables is a prominent company in producing world-class products. Being one of the top third party pharma manufacturing company prevents you from wandering all over the market to get right manufacturer for your products.

We as a Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India can offer you affordable and safe healthcare products.

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