PCD Pharma
PCD Pharma
Rishab Healthcare417, Industrial Area Phase I , Panchkula , Haryana , ( 134113 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Syrup
Brand Name: Rishab Healthcare
Packaging Type Bottle
Packaging: 200 ml
Composition / Material Type: Silymarin with B-complex suspension
Usages: oral use
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Product  Name : SILY-B

Division : Orochem           

Categories: Dry Syrup/Syrup/Suspensions

Indication : In the management of all types of Jaundice or Acute Viral Hepatitis, both in adults and in children,As an adjuvant therapy in cases of Chronic viral hepatitis, Alcoholic liver disease, Drug-induced hepatitis, Fatty liver, Cirrhosis, etc,As a supplementary hepatoprotective in patients of tuberculosis or cancer, taking long-term drug therapy,As a supplement to all patients suffering from general gastrointestinal symptoms like indigestion, loss of appetite, loss of weight due to sluggish functioning of liver

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