PCD Pharma
PCD Pharma
Rishab Healthcare417, Industrial Area Phase I , Panchkula , Haryana , ( 134113 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Syrup
Brand Name: Rishab Healthcare
Packaging Type Bottle
Packaging: 60 ml
Composition / Material Type: Paracetamol and metenamic acid suspension
Usages: oral use
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Product Name : TRULIDE-M     

Division : Orochem

Categories :  Dry Syrup/Syrup/Suspensions

Indications : Mefenamic acid plus Paracetamol suspension is licensed for use in children and it is available in specific paediatric formulations (oral liquids), It is indicated for pain and fever in children, This formulation is used as an antipyretic as well as analgesic, Main features: Fever, Muscle Pain, Sciatica

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