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    Coding: AWS A/SFA 5.4: E308-16 IS: E 19.9 R16 Characteristics / Features: Stainelec-308L is an all position radiographic quality 19/9 stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite content for maximum resistance to cracking, corrosion and high temperature upto 800oC. Excellent arc stability, low spatter, easily controlled and detachable stag are its features. Applications: Ideally suited for welding stainless steel materials like AISI 301, 302, 304, 308 etc. For building up of stainless steel surfaces on centrifugal pumps, impellers and shafts, valve faces, seats and chemical plants. Typical Mechanical Properties of All Weldmetal UTS: 60 Kgf/mm2 Elongation (L=4D)% = 36 Welding Current (AC/DC) (+): Size (mm) 2.0x350 2.5x350 31.5x350 4.00x350 5.00x450 Current (Amp) 35-50 50-75 80-110 110-140 140-1