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    We are engaged in providing high quality Self Propelled Combine Harvester to our most reliable clients. MALKIT - 997 Self Propelled Combine Harvester is Ideal for tough harvesting conditions of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bandgladesh, Pakisan, Afganistan, & other developing countries. MALKIT - 997 Combine Harvester can harvest of: * Wheat * Paddy * Sun Flower * Maize * Grams & Pulses Special Features of MALKIT - 997 Combine Harvester: * Powerful Ashola Leyland ALU - 400 Engine provides plenty of reserve power for a wide range of harvesting conditions. * Large Capacity fuel tank allows for a full day's harvesting. * Unique threshing and seperation system with drum beater combined with large straw walker seperation areagives unrivalled capacity. * Large Capacity grain tank with sample access. * Wide high capacity headers features fast cutting speeds & header control system allow you to adjust quickly to harvesting conditions on-the-go. * Easy access & minimum daily services. * Cross flow cleaning fan provides even air flow to the sieves, enhancing overall performance & sample quality. * Powerful external lighting for working at night. * Heavy duty chasis for maximum strength & manoeouvrability. * Adjustable sieves and large cleaning area, ensures high quality grain sample. Sample Availability : Yes Supplier Product Code : MA-01