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    Scivation XTEND Perform combines the trusted and tested performance of Scivation XTEND with PEAKO2, a novel, university researched and patent-pending blend of performance-enhancing compounds to help you discover an entirely new level of training and achievement.* Key Features: 7G OF 2:1:1 BCAAS 2G OF PEAK02™ - PATTENT-PENDING AND TESTED 2.5G OF LEUCINE TO TRIGGER MUSCLE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS* 1G OF CITRULLINE MALATE ELECTROLYTES FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE* Key Benefits: SUPPORTS MUSCLE GROWTH & PEAK STRENGTH* SUPPORTS RECOVERY & IMPROVES O2 UPTAKE* HELPS INCREASE MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT* MAY IMPROVE OXYGEN TUILIZATION DURING EXERCISE* REPLENISHES ELECTROLYTES