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    Conventional RCT: The tooth that is hard as stone on the outside has a soft center that has its blood vesses and nerves called pulp. When decay or fracture of a tooth reaches this soft life center of the tooth, it is infected. This infection will then reach the jaw bones and spread to the blood stream. Sometimes this can cause life threatening infections. In this scenario, the infected pulp is removed, the cavity sterilised to remove all the bacteria that caused the infection and then filled to prevent further infection. This is an extremely technique sensitive treatment - that is carried out by specialists. Laser RCT When LASERS are used to sterilise the canals , the intense light ensures perfect sterilisation. Root Canal Treatment: Tooth Structure: CROWN : This is the part of the tooth you can see above the gumline. ROOT : This part of the tooth sits in the bone below the gum. The root of your tooth is usually twice as long as the crown, the part you see above the gumline. Why is the Root Canal performed? The pulp is the living tissue of the tooth with blood supply and nerve supply. Once the dental caries (decay ) involves the pulp, the pulp gets infected causing pain. The aim of the root canal treatment is to remove the infected pulp. This is done by removing the infected pulp with files in the pulp chamber and cleaning and shaping the root canals and sealing the canal with a filling material.