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    Our dental clinic in Chembur,Mumbai uses rotary endodontics system for performing root canal treatment. This saves time and number of sittings required. Single sitting roots canal treatment is also an option depending on the case. Single sitting root canal treatment is recommended only if the amount of infection around the tooth is minimum and under control. At our dental clinic, the dentist perfoms the root canal treatment with utmost care using specialized machines called apex locator which gives the dentist accurate information about the root length and also reducing error of manual judgement. Digital dental x-rays are used during the entire treatment to ensure a successful root canal treatment. Root canal treatment When is it required? Decay if left untreated progresses and destroys tooth structure eventually reaching the pulp ,which contains many nerves and blood vessels and the tooth gets infected. The infection travels through the pulp and reaches the bone. This may result in an abscess,swelling,inflammation or pain. Typical symptoms Pain on chewing Spontaneous pain at night Discoloured tooth Sensitivity to hot or cold Increased pain on lying down Sometimes there may be no symptoms even though there is a large cavity. Procedure Restorative Dentistry Procedures Step 1.Intra-oral digital X-rays are taken of the offending tooth by our Dentists. Local Anaesthesia is given to numb the tooth so that the procedure is painless. (At roots dental clinic, dentists use a topical anaesthetic before giving anaesthesia so that the procedure is as painless as possible) Step 2 The decayed part of the tooth is removed and the root canals are opened to allow for the cleaning. Step 3 Cleaning of the root canals. This is done using small instruments called hand files and rotary files with a Rotary Endodontic system. Step 4 Filling the internal space with an “inert” root canal filing material and building the tooth to its normal form.