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    We aim to increase the laboratory productivity with our wide range of Physics Lab Equipments & Physics Laboratory Apparatus. Either its wave & motion, speed, application of force or acceleration, we carry apparatuses & instruments for all types of physics experiments & applications. Physics equipments are available for every level, starting from school, college to university. Physics Laboratory Apparatus stand for premium quality, high resiliency and competitive price range. Each product is manufactured under strict industrial standards. We have a strong product line which promises precision, durability and convenience. Explore the whole range of Physics Lab Equipments to find which item suits your requirements the best. Meter, Round Dial, Top Terminal Plastic black or white desk stand, Unbreakable with 4mm terminal at the top. Ammeter (0-1A to 0-30A) Milli-Ammeter (0-1mA to 0-750mA) Micro-Ammeter (0-25uA to 0-1000uA) Voltmeter (0-1V to 0-300V) Milli-Voltmeter (0-25mV to 0-500mV) Galvanometer (1-0-1mA & 3.5-0-3.5mA, 35-0-35mV, 30-0-30 sensitivity 200µA/division) Note: Dual ranges and triple ranges are also available.