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    Cefadept CV.PCD Pharma Companies in Panchkula by Adept Biocare. Cefixime Uses Include Treatment Of Soft Tissue Infection , Lower And Upper Respiratory Tract Infections And Other Infections . Cefixime Is Used Alone Or In Combination With Class Of Anti-Biotics For Better Coverage .
    Cefixime Binds To One Or More Of The Penicillin-Binding Proteins (PBPs) Which Inhibits The Final Transpeptidation Step Of Peptidoglycan Synthesis In Bacterial Cell Wall, Thus Inhibiting Biosynthesis And Arresting Cell Wall Assembly Resulting In Bacterial Cell Death. Absorption: Only 40-50% Is Absorbed From The GI Tract (Oral); Rate May Be Decreased If Taken With Food. Greater Absorption From Oral Suspension Than Tablets. Distribution: Bile, Urine (High Concentrations); Crosses The Placenta.