Nutrivital Capsules
    Nutrivital Capsules
    Influx Pharmaceuticals Mumbai , India
    Influx Pharmaceuticals is India’s highly progressive company engaged in production and marketing of nutraceuticals. The nutraceutical formulation is provided in various medicinal format such as capsules, tablets, powder and syrup. The products are effective and reliable, offered at most competitive prices within scheduled time frame. At Influx Pharmaceuticals, the production is done with utmost precision responding to the evolving requirements. In the quest for excellence, the company has been heavily investing into technically advanced production capabilities, extensive R&D and countrywide sales and marketing network. This also contributed into enormous success. Established at Mumbai (India) in the year 2003, Influx Pharmaceuticals is empowered with its own state-of-art production facilities, diligent workforce and vast marketing association. This way, the company is armored to meet the ever growing and dynamically changing demands of global marketplace. Quality Influx Pharmaceuticals is committed towards furnishing superior quality products. Every production stage is minutely scanned by a team of pharmaceutical quality control experts. The company has integrated quality control lab which is well-equipped with requisite equipment. These machines are used to carry out impurity profiles and regular analysis of products. Contract Manufacturing Empowered with state-of-the-art facilities, Influx Pharmaceuticals is capable to undertake contract manufacturing to make associates' formulation/products with their Brand Names. Having a team of good technical experts to handle tough chemistry, the company welcomes customers for custom synthesis and contract manufacturing. Corporate objectives and Future plans At Influx Pharmaceuticals, the corporate values reflect what is truly important for the organization. Underpinning the company's culture, these values never change whatever be the situation. The corporate values of the company are : Delivering better service and quality products to the clients Increasing production capacity Offering better price & services Bringing new innovative products To capitalize niche markets Diversification of Business
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