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    Manufacturer of ayurvedic medicines  by Adept Biocare
    We are the recognizable manufacturer, supplier and distributor a wide ranges of Pain Nil Herbal Powder. Our powder effects with double speed in every pain. Our powder made from 35 herbs integrates and it is a very effective in wind born dishes like Flatulence, Arthritis, Sciatica and Gouts. Regular use give relief in Joint pain, Muscular pain, Pain and Stiffness. Our powder can be used in all types of pains. It is made by Ayurvedic ingredients. Our powder is very effective in Pain in joints, Backache, Swelling in various body parts, Pain and Stiffness of muscles, Pain in Shoulders, ankles, backache and Bone Pain etc. People used it from 15 years. And 95% got results. 100% Guaranteed herbal product.