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    This mild steel electrodes/mild steel welding electrodes is a medium coated all position electrode for work of structural importance with medium penetration, soft arc and low spatter, easy to detach slag and can be used in both AC & DC. Description: All position rutile coated electrode with easy slag release and arc striking better finish and radiographic quality welds suitable for use on both AC / DC idle for vertical down welding. Applications: Typical applications of mild steel electrodes/mild steel welding electrodes is Structures, Building construction, Auto bodies, Railway wagons, Vessels, Tanks, Pipelines, Bridges, Ships, Trailers, Building up of shafts, Boilers, Grills and general fabrication. Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 Certified ( CERTIFICATE NO. RQ91 / JA / 711 ) JAS-ANZ ACCREDITATION NO. M44303101C Sizes: 2.5 X 350 mm 3.15 X 350 mm 4.00 X 450 mm 5.00 X 450 mm Coading: AWS: E6013 IS: 814 : 1991 ER 4211 BS: 639 : 86 E4322 R 11 DIN: 1913 E 4322 R312 ISO: E 432 R21 Current Range: Size (mm) AMPS 5.00 160-240 4.00 120-160 3.15 80-120 2.50 60-80