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    Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes Brand Name:- B&H-7016 A Medium Coated Basic Type Hydrogen Controlled Electrode Codification : IS: EB 5426 H2X AWS: E 7016 Applications: The wide range of materials include carbon steels and cast iron. Some of the applications are boilers, pumps and compressor, offshore drilling rigs & platforms, pressure vessels, earth moving machinery, rotary kiln shells, cast irons etc. Can also be used as buffer layer on hard and work hardened steel, components. Characteristics / Features: B & H-7016 is a medium coated basic type hydrogen controlled electrode producing a tough and ductile weldmetal. * Ease of operation in all positions. * Smooth and stable arc which is easy to strike and restrike. * Easy deslagging. * Finally ripped bead with regular profile. * X-ray quality welds. * Weldmetal possess excellent mechanical properties and is highly resistant to cracking. Chemical Analysis of all Weld Deposit (%): C Mn Si S P 0.10 max 0.80-1.40 0.40-0.60 0.03 max 0.03 max All Weld Mechanical Properties: UTS Yeild Strength Elongation (L=5d) CVN Impact at 27o C N/mm2 N/mm2 % Nm 510-610 450 26-35 90 Welding Current Ranges for Size Manufactured: Dia (mm) 2.5 3.15 4.0 5.0 L (mm) 350 350/450 450 450 Current (Amp) (AC or DC-) 70-100 90-140 140-190 190-250 Precautions: Ensure that electrodes are dry. Redry electrodes for 1 hr at 250oC to 300oC and then keep them in holding oven maintained at 80oC-100oC, prior to use. Keep the arc as short as possible and minimize weaving. Clean the weld area of any surface contamination.