IFS Intralase By:- Dhami Eye Care Hospital

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    THE INTRALASE iFS LASER REVOLUTIONIZES LASIK There are two steps in the LASIK procedure. First, the surgeon creates a micro-thin LASIK flap, which is lifted to expose the inner cornea for step two, tissue ablation by an excimer laser. The intralase laser introduced the concept of blade-free LASIK in 2001, representing the first improvement to the procedure’s first step. The iFS Laser introduced in 2009 brings the latest of this technology. With its excellent safety profile, patient comfort and improved outcomes. LASIK with the IntraLase Method is among the fastest-growing refractive surgical techniques in the country today. The nearly 1200 IntraLase iFS lasers in use worldwide have performed over three and a half million blade-free LASIK procedures. In the U.S. more than 60 percent of all LASIK procedures incorporate the advanced IntraLase Method.