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    Hard Facing Electrodes Brand Name:- B&H-Hardelec-I A Medium Heavy Coated, Rutile Type Hardfacing Electrode (250 BHN) Characteristics / Features: B&H Hardelec-I is a medium heavy coated, rutile type hardfacing electrode, operating on AC/DC(-), depositing an air hardening weld metal of approx. 250 BHN hardness. The deposit displays excellent toughness and ability to withstand heavy impact loads and has excellent resistance to rolling and sliding friction. The weld deposit is machinable. A buffer layer of B&H-7016 is recommended on hard base materials. Welds are normally machinable. Applications: Ideal for gears, shafts, couplings, sugarcane crushers, spindles, pinion teeths, rollers, sprockets, pullies, axles, wheels, rail points and crossings etc. Precautions: Use Short arc and minimum current. Ensure electrodes are dry. In case of moisture pickup, redry electrodes at 125oC for 1 hr. Typical Welding Hardness 250-280 BHN Welding Current (AC/DC) (+): Size (mm) 2.5x350 31.5x450 4.00x350 5.00x350 Current (Amp) 65-90 100-130 140-180 180-220