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    Being one of the reputed organizations in the market, we are engaged in providing an exclusive range of Milking Machine With Sitting Area. Other details: Milking can capacity: 20 liters Dry weight of machine: 18 kg Time for milking: 4 to 7 min/cow Vacuum level: 350mm Hg max Pulsing pattern: Alternating two teats/stroke Number of pulses/min: Equal to number of strokes/min Cleaning method: Pumping Boiling water and cleaning agents Adaptability: One animal at a time How to operate: Before milking clean the milk can, inside of teat liners and milk pipe by dipping the teat liner cluster in clean water and operating the machine Flush out the water from liner and milk can Close can lid and cluster, ensure the clips are secured in place and close the ball valve. Shake the can lid to ensure the float is freely moving inside valve before closing the milk can to confirm non return valve is not locked. If the float is not moving remove the vacuum pipe (small pipe) and fit again Operate the machine handle to and fro equally side till vacuum gauge shows 200 to 250mm of Hg reading Meanwhile prepare cow for milking by cleaning and massaging the udder Once animal is stimulated for letdown, hold the teat adapter cluster in one hand and insert the teat into teat liners of teat adapter cluster Now press the teat adapter cluster against the udder Slowly open the ball valve of teat adapter cluster and teat adapter will clutch on teats and udder of animal Leave teat adapter cluster to hang on udder and Start operating the machine handle to and fro very gently and equally on either side Do half strokes if teats of animal are smooth. Do full stroke slowly if teats of animal are hard Operate the machine continuously until milk flow in transparent pipe stops After milk is completely drained hold the teat adapter cluster and closed the ball valve Insert finger in between teat liner and teat. The teat adapter cluster declutches To milk another animal repeat step 4 to 11.The milk can capacity is 20 LTR Do not fill the can completely to avoid milk entering air circuit incase of non-return valve malfunction Cleaning Process: Take 3 Liter boiling water in bucket close the lid of milk can Dip teat adapter cluster in boiling water Operate the machine handle to and fro and boiling water flows thru the milk pipe into milk can While water flows through, gently lift and dip the cluster in water so that water gets blasted inside Use enough boiling water (about three liter) to clean the machine thoroughly Open the teat adapter cluster and milk can, wash it thoroughly If required use mild detergent and brush Hang the teat adapter cluster in shade and keep the machine in a cool place away form direct sun light Remove water from air filter once in a day Caution: Do not dip can lid in water and operate the machine Do not dip open pipe in water and operate the machine Periodic maintenance: Once in a week clean the inside of milking pipe Once in 60 days do greasing on the O-rings with high vacuum grease Use vacuum grease provided with machine. (Do not block the air vent in piston with grease as it will reduce the efficiency of machine) Change the O-rings and air filter after one year Change the milk pipe after one year Features: Efficient operations Long working life Excellent performance