Gum Disease Treatment By:- Roots Dental Clinic

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    Bleeding gums and other gum diseases are very common and prevalent. Most patients come to our clinic in Chembur at later stages of gum disease called Periodontitis, In this stage the bone gets infected and patients complain of loose teeth. For correcting this stage we require a specialized procedure by a Periodontist. The early stage of gum disease is reversible and this stage is called gingivitis. Regular cleaning of gums by our dentists in Mumbai can treat it. This procedure is called as dental scaling and is completely painless. Gum disease can also be an indicator of underlying systemic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. We continuously educate our patients about such symptoms and advices regular dental clean-ups. De-pigmentation of Gums We perform this gum treatment at our clinic in Mumbai under a local anaesthesia to correct pigmented dark gums. This is cosmetic procedure because its done for aesthetic purpose only. This is a very simple gum treatment procedure that requires only single sitting. Our dentists normally advices the patient on post op care.