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    Dental implant is the practice of replacing a missing teeth or a set of tooth. Dental implant is the answer for anybody whose teeth are missing. Implant enables people with missing tooth to chew food properly, talk well and smile with confidence. Anyone who has a good oral health is ideal for dental implants.There is a wide variety of technique which can be applied in making the implants. Depending on the size and type of implant, they can be made accordingly. Typically dental implants are titanium root forms which are placed in the jawbone in the place of a missing tooth. Titanium implants roots can be used to create a single tooth crown or an entire set of teeth as required by the patient.What is a Dental Implant?A dental implant is an artificial tooth. The actual implant is a small metallic (Titanium) screw, that substitutes for the natural tooth root. It is inserted surgically into the jawbone, & it provides a stable base upon which a cap, bridge or denture can be anchored. But unlike dentures, dental implants may be fixed, feeling and acting more like your own natural teeth. People who have lost one, several or all of their teeth may be candidates for an implant procedure, eliminating the need for partial dentures, removable dentures or fixed bridges. Dental implants allow your artificial teeth, dentures or bridge to be firmly attached to them, creating stability and security for you. Many people with dental implants say they feel as if they still have their natural teeth. Implants can also provide improved speaking and chewing ability, elimination of pain and, in some cases, enhanced appearance