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    A denture, bridge or an implant can replace a persons missing tooth. The closest match to the natural tooth in terms of form, function and aesthetics is a dental implant. Our Implantologist in the Clinic at Mumbai in Chembur believe that dental implants have a number of advantages over the other treatment options. At roots dental clinic Mumbai, we have qualified implantologist who carries out this procedure. At our clinic in Mumbai, we use implants that are provided from globally accepted international companies. The vast experience of our implantologist ensure that the entire dental implant is painless. Single Tooth Implants When a single tooth needs to be replaced, it is more advantageous to do a single implant in the missing space as compared to a bridge. A dental bridge requires preparation of adjacent teeth and in total three caps to replace just one tooth. Where as the implant does not require alteration of adjacent teeth. A dental bridge would require good teeth to be altered thus reducing its life span and causes more harm. Therefore in long term a dental implant is always more preferable and beneficial than a dental bridge.