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    Homoeopathy offers safe medicines for de-addiction It is specific for tobacco de-addiction helping elimination of associated symptoms such as anxiety, tension, restlessness, frustration, impatience, difficulty in concentration, irritability and depression It helps in fetid breath, offensive urine and sweat which are normally found in smoking/tobacco use Useful also in the withdrawal symptoms covering irritability, tension, disturbed sleep or drowsiness, pains (usually sudden, electric-like and erratic in nature), lightning jerks in different parts of the body Complementary medicines for withdrawal symptoms: Alpha-DP (Digestive problems), Alpha-HA (Headache), Alpha-TS (Anxiety, tension and sleeping disorders), Bacopa monnieri 1x (Difficulty in concentration) and Ginseng 1x (Irritability or depression). Direction of use Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, 2 tablets 2-3 times a day. Reduce the dose as symptoms improve. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist. Side effects: No side effects of Schwabe’s Daphne indica 1x are known. Contra-indications and interactions: No contra-indications and interactions with other drugs for the use of Schwabe’s Daphne indica 1x are known. Terms & Conditions We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.