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    Malkit - 897 combine harvester can harvest of: Wheat Paddy Sun flower Maize Grams & pulses Special features of malkit - 897 combine harvester. Powerful ashoka leyland alu - 400 engine provides plenty of reserve power for a wide range of harvesting conditions. Large capacity fuel tank allows for a full day's harvesting. Unique threshing and seperation system with drum beater combined with large straw walker seperation areagives unrivalled capacity. Large capacity grain tank with sample access. Wide high capacity headers features fast cutting speeds & header control system allow you to adjust quickly to harvesting conditions on-the-go. Easy access & minimum daily services. Cross flow cleaning fan provides even air flow to the sieves, enhancing overall performance & sample quality. Powerful external lighting for working at night. Heavy duty chasis for maximum strength & manoeouvrability. Adjustable sieves and large cleaning area, ensures high quality grain sample.