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    Cast Iron Electrodes Brand Name:- B&H-Weldcast A Low Hydrogen Type Graphite Based Electrode for Non Machinable Welds on Cast Iron Coding: AWS A/SFA 5.15 : E St Characteristics / Features: B&H Weldcast is a medium heavy coated, low hydrogen type graphite based electrode for non machinable welds on cast iron. The electrode is preferred when a strong and rigid joint is to be obtained between two cast iron parts. Applications: Welding of cast iron parts for all types of general reclamation or repair work where machinability is not a primary consideration, joining cast iron to mild steel etc. Precautions Pre-heating is recommended for heavy and complicated sections. Ensure electrodes arc dry. In case of moisture pickup, redry electrodes at 125oC for 1 hr. Welding Current (AC/DC) (+): Size (mm) 2.5x350 31.5x350 4.00x450 5.00x450 Current (Amp) 60-90 100-140 140-190 190-250