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    If you want to gain required weight and muscles in less time, you must use API Creatine Monohydrate. This high calorie muscle gaining Creatine powder is very helpful and has no impurity in it. With every serving of 5 grams powder a day, you get 5g of Creatine Monohydrate that improves athletic performance and the increased fitness level of not only meat eating people, but also among vegetarians. It gives the human body the high level of stamina, metabolism, and energy. Creatine enhances the capacity of the body to engage in any kind of strenuous sports activity. Acting as a stimulus for protein synthesis, Creatine boosts muscle volume and enhances the nervous system that supports to stimulate the mental activity of the body in a more effective manner. This supplement is available in unflavoured. Therefore, this mass gainer drink can be mixed with any other drink. How to use: During the loading phase, take one scoop (5 grams) 4 times per day (20 grams total) for 5 days. For maintenance period, take one scoop (5 grams) 2 times daily. Dissolve in juice or water.