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    Description: To observe the frequency response and to calculate the efficiency of power amplifier. Special Features: Built in fixed power supply of +12V @ 250mA Inductive coupled power amplifier. We also supply: Amplifier like Class - B Push Pull Power, Class C Power , Common Base (CB) , Common Emitter (CE), Common Collector (CC), Transformer Coupled, Darlington Emitter Follower, Common Drain FET, Logarithmic, Anti-Logarithmic , Transistor DC, Common Source FET, Tuned RF, Differential , Feed Back, Current and Voltage Shunts/Series Feed Back. Oscillators like RC Phase Shift Oscillator , Hartley , Colpitts, UTT Relaxation , Voltage Controlled & Multivibrators like Astable, Monostable, Bistable Using Transistors.