Amino 2002 By:- Paradise Nutrition Inc.

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    A growing body of literature shows that appropriate use of whey protein can maximize muscle size and strength gains from resistance training in addition to having other health- promoting effects. Amino 2002 delivers these benefits by providing several kinds of amino acid packed wheys in one tablet. The first type of whey in Amino 2002 is whey hydrosolate. Taking your proteins in a hydrolyzed state means that a lot of the work's already been done for you. As such, these types of proteins are assimilated much more quickly than other, non-hydrolyzed types. The second type is a combination of micro and ultrafiltrated whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Amino 2002’s protein combination tastes great and is extremely digestible. Because of its speedy digestion the amino acids aid in rebuilding the body.