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    Our Defreezer / Lab Deep Freezer features are as follows: 1. Double Walled, Outer M. Steel/S. Steel, Inner Chamber of S. Steel. 2. Lid made of S. Steel Fitted with Radial Locking Device, Pedal Lifting Device, Pressure gauge, Steam release valve, Water Level Indicator. 3. Fitted with Automatic Pressure control switch. 4. Provided with SS Basket. 5. Electrically operated suitable to work on 220V/ AC. High Pressure Vertical Sterilizer KI-174(a) 1. Triple Walled, Inner Chamber, Outer chamber & Jacket made of S. Steel. 2. Lid also made of thick SS plate. 3. Fitted with Moisture Trap and vacuum breaker. 4. Suitable for Dry sterilization. 5. Other Specification same as Model No. K I171