B.O.D.INCUBATOR By:- Manish Scientific Instruments company

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    Optional Accessories Digital Timer Illumination of 12000 lux approx. achieved by fluorescent tubes equally distributed inside the chamber and automatic 24 hours timers control their working during day and night Stabilizer with high voltage and also low voltage cut off is provided Most versatile for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determinations. Castor wheel mounted cabinet is double walled with Inner chamber and storages shelves of Stainless steel (SS304 grade) and outer wall of M.S. sheet duly powder coated. Fitted with two air circulation fans for maintaining temperature uniformity throughout the chamber. Full view inner glass door permits inspection of specimens, without disturbing the sam.e Lock and key arrangement is provided in the double walled out door. Unit is fitted with door operated illumination lamp inside the chamber. Supplied complete with adjustable shelves, cord and lug. The temperature range from 5° C to 50° C Temperature controlled by Digital Temperature controller cum Indicator. CFC free Eco friendly compressor. Suitable to work on 230volts, AC supply