Quality PolicyWe Think quality is not achieved by doing different things.It is achieved by doing things differently.The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy given needs.
Our MissionOur mission is to assist our clients in presenting a professional front to the marketplace. Our Mission is to discover, develop and successfully market.
Our VisionWe want to provide our clients with services of the highest quality beat their expectations and protect their interests like our own.To teach remunerate and maintain our hardworking employees and co-workers.

Welcome to Bengal Chemical & Pharmaceutical Ltd

Bengal Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. (BCPW) is precursor of the present Company, Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BCPL). Acharya P C Ray took a rented house at 91 Upper Circular Road, Calcutta and started business with a meager capital of Rs 700.00. Since inception of the Company he was very much quality conscious and produced various products of British Pharmacopoeia standard. Eminent Doctors with nationalistic feeling like Dr R G Kar, Dr N R Sarkar, Dr S P Sarbadhikari, Dr Amulya Charan Bose, etc. came forward and patronized the products. The reputation of the Company started enhancing rapidly, when Acharya P C Ray felt of pumping more fund in the Company to produce on a large scale. This idea transpired to convert into a Limited Company and on 12th April, 1901 the name of the Company was styled as Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. (BCPW), retaining the same premises at 91 Upper Circular Road, Calcutta.

Soon BCPW became the first Indian Company of its kind to manufacture quality Chemicals, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Home Products, employing indigenous technology, skill and raw materials. for production of quality Drugs & Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals with indigenous technology to cater the needs of millions of common people, foster growth of Indian Industries, compete with imported goods and to become self-sufficient. Incidentally, it may be noted here that some of the products, namely Fire Extinguisher, Surgical & Hospital Instruments, Talcum Powder, Tooth Paste, Glycerin Soap, Carbolic Soap, etc. , which were very popular during that period, were discarded subsequently, considering that products were not remunerative based on prevailing market scenario.

Acharya Ray’s nationalistic outlook and sense of patriotism brought the national leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, Shri C R Das, Shri Subhas Chandra Bose, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and many other stalwarts. Besides this, Shri Rajsekhar Bose, the noted writer, was also associated with Acharya P C Ray. He also happened to be the Manager of BCPW. All of them never missed the opportunity of getting in touch with Acharya P C Ray at the critical hour of the need of the Company.

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  • Zero Debit Company
  • Fastest Dispatch Unit With Immediate Priority
  • Promotional Support
  • Authenticated services
  • Spacious warehouses
  • Wide range of Products
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Collaboration
  • Company understands new demands of market & introduces new molecules every month to help associates to grow faster and deeper in market.
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